Bathroom Hygiene And Safety: Importance And Simple Measures

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Every human being needs a clean and safely environment to live a quality life. The home is where a person spends most of his time so it must be maintained. It is agreed by most that the bathroom is the most difficult part of the home to keep clean and hygienic. It’s environment is warm and humid so it is the ideal condition for the contamination of bacteria and germs. The cistern, bathtub, washbasin and all other wet surfaces must be maintained as it contains water and attracts bacteria and other microbes. 

Importance of Bathroom Hygiene and Safety

An unclean bathroom has a bad odour which may spread to other parts of the home and the stench may contaminate all areas and make it difficult for everyone around. If a bathroom is left without maintenance there’s a high risk for the growth of mould in wet surfaces. If not regularly cleaned mould can cause serious damages to the walls, tubs and toilets. Leakages can be easily missed by kids or elderly and result in falls and bone fractures. Therefore all issues must be fixed by contacting an emergency plumber Edgeworth to avoid costly aftermath. The bathroom must be aired and maintained in order to get rid of bacteria and germs which may cause serious infections and health issues like diarrhoea, fever, complications in pregnant women and many other. Below are some measures every person can take to ensure the safety and hygiene in the bathroom.

Close the Toilet Lid

While flushing there is a high percentage of bacteria that spreads to the entire bathroom from the waste in the toilet therefore shutting the lid before flushing is a simple way to make sure the bacteria doesn’t spread to the environment.


The products used to clean the bathroom must be quality cleaners that wipe away bacteria and germs from the area. It is necessary especially for the toilet bowl, toilet seat and handles because these areas are the most contaminated.

Deep Cleaning and Maintenance

This must be done at least once in two months. Deep cleaning the bathroom can get rid of mould growth and also prevent unexpected situations like a better blocked toilet or problems in the sink and bathtub pipes. Regular maintenance lessens the damages and is useful for the long-term use of bathroom equipment as well as flooring.

Wash Hands

Wash your hands with soap thoroughly after using the toilet and finally before you leave the bathroom to get rid of the germs present in the room

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