Smoke Alarms Going Off For No Reason? Here’s How To Avoid It

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Wouldn’t it be lovely if you could just host a party without having any alarm bells ring off? Well there is one alarm bell that you would want ringing and that’s your smoke alarm. Problem is, some smoke alarms go off for the slightest hint of hot air and that can be really annoying at a party where everybody is trying to enjoy. But you don’t want to take the risk of deactivating it because there could be a real emergency and a smoke alarm will be your audio warning. A fire could breakout for many number of reasons. If you have a big party having an audio warning is beneficial. So what’s the solution? If you do replace it then here are some tips on how to avoid having your alarm going off.


These smoke alarms can’t tell the difference between smoke and steam thus when the air composition changes in temperature the alarm will just go off. So when cooking ensure that you try not to let off a lot of steam into the air. If you have a stovetop fan then make sure you turning it on while cooking.

Power Failure

Most homes smoke alarm detectors run through an electrical system and if your power keeps going on and off it can cause your alarm to start failing. Once the power comes on the alarm will start ringing again briefly. So not only is your home party starting to have power failure but now the alarm is just going off every time you get your power back. Make sure to get a domestic electrician here to come in to fix the power issues or you can replace it with a wireless smoke alarm.


You many still be cooking while the party is happening and you might leave your cooking station just to interact with the guests. Well don’t do that while you have the stove on. If you food starts burn that bit of burnt air can easily trigger the alarm. It’s worse if you have food in your oven and it starts to malfunction causing a lot of smoke to come out. Just make sure you get some emergency electrician in Mandurah and maintenance done before the party to avoid any trouble in the kitchen.


Cleaning up before and after a party can be a hassle. Well while you are getting the place tidied up you should clean out any dust or dirt in the smoke alarm. This dirt will cover your smoke sensor making it think the air composition is changing and getting warm which will then trigger the alarm.

Of course you would want your smoke alarm to work in cases of emergencies, especially at a party, but these alarm sounds can’t be going off consistently or else you won’t have fun. So make sure before you host any party that the smoke alarm is working in the way you want it to be.

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