Things You Can Do To Keep Critters Off Your Home

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Much like the human population of this planet which is rising each second of each day, the population of other species too is constantly rising. Because of this, home owners in sub-urban areas are facing the challenge of keeping their homes safe from the many different critters who might crawl, fly or slide uninvited into your domain. In this article we will look at a few things that you can do to rid you home of such unwanted creatures and create an environment that is safe for your family members.

Rid your garden of any unwanted residents
The garden is the outermost part of your home and it is the easiest area for any vermin to access and settle themselves in. You will be able to learn if any such creatures are living in your garden by actually spotting them or by identifying their droppings, shedding or trails. If you have any small children or pets who play in the garden area, these concerns will be become even more serious. To keep off any raccoons, rats or squirrels you can set up traps in different areas with a small bait inside. For more serious creatures like snakes you must go for more sophisticated methods such as installing snake repellers in the outdoor area which will scare off any serpents that might slither into your domain and bring harm to your loved ones. If the situation is beyond your control, it is always advisable to seek the services of a professional.

Keep doors and windows closed
This is mist be done whenever possible in order to keep any annoying pests out of the inside of your house. While it is easy to seal off any holes or cracks that might have let a raccoon or a rat inside, it is a lot more difficult to completely block the entry of bugs such as flies, cockroaches and mosquitoes that spread various diseases and infest your household. While sprays, chalk and other such methods are affective against these pests, it is never a good idea to use such poisonous substances in the presence of small children or pet animals such as dogs or cats. Electromagnetic pest repeller systems are the solution for this and these can be easily connected to a power slot and set up in a position of your choice. Through sophisticated electromagnetic wave technology, they will repel pests and keep your living space serene.

Protect the ponds
If the pond in your garden is home to crayfish, clams or small fish, you must have seen raccoons visiting the area every now and then to enjoy some of their delicacies. They bring with them loads of mites and their mere presence fills your outdoor area with pheromones which will attract even more of their kind in the future. Invest on an electric fence for the pond which will give protection to t from the sides as well as the top. best-snake-Repellers

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